What happened in 2013?

Every year I write a post summarizing what I did in the last year and my plans for the next year, I’m not going to break this tradition now.

The short story – I worked in the data security field (specifically, on-line fraud prevention), this was super intensive and left me completely burned out, I stopped working in this field and I’m not going to do anything like that again.

I’ve been out of the security field for a few month but haven't completely recovered from my “burn-out” yet – but I’m getting better quickly.

So, how did my various products did in 2013 and how it comperes to my plans as I published them in January 2013.

yaTimer Time Tracking Software

yaTimer moved to a subscription only model (as planned) but this turned out to be a mistake and I started selling yaTimer as a one-time payment again a few days ago.

The product formally known as “yaTimer Central” was integrated into yaTimer (again, as planned) and is now available together with yaTimer as “yaTimer Desktop + Cloud”.

The big yaTimer version 3 that was planned for 2013 didn’t happen, also, I never did start charging for upgrades.

Giraffe Upload Photo Backup Software

Giraffe Upload got some bug fixes and better diagnostics during the year but there were no major changes.

This Blog, The Useful Photo Tips Blog

I was too burned out to write – but I am getting better and hope to start blogging regularly again soon.

I’ve also recently released two open source projects:

Hope I have some readers left after this quite year, please leave a comment and tell me how your year was.

posted @ Monday, December 30, 2013 10:24 PM

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