December 2011 Blog Posts web site upgraded

I’ve just finished replacing the software that runs the web site, so if you see any problems please tell me. The site content and design should remain exactly the same but the new system will save me a lot of time when updating the site and is the basis for updates planned for the future. My open source project Everything Up self test was a real time saver during the upgrade, if you run a server you have to use something like it.

New yaTimer and yaTimer Central Icons

The new icons have been on the yaTimer and yaTimer Central web pages for more than a week, but I didn’t have time to write about them before. The new icons are already used almost everywhere on the web site and in the yaTimer Central application, they will appear in the yaTimer application in the next version scheduled for early January.

2011–the year that nothing went according to the plans

Again this is the time of year for summarizing the passing year and making plans for the next one. Businesswise nothing went according to plan in 2011, some things went worse than the plan and some things were way better. The bad parts are mostly traced to several months I was so swamped with other work I had nearly no time to work on my products, here are the 2011 plans and how they turned out: yaTimer time tracking software was supposed to have a major upgrade – in reality it had many...