April 2012 Blog Posts

Do you want a web version of yaTimer

I’m thinking about building a web version of yaTimer. The advantages are obvious (work on any device from anywhere without installing anything), the disadvantage is that this will require a lot of work (and so will seriously slow down development of the desktop version of yaTimer). Please tell me what you want by filling this survey, filling the survey only requires 4 clicks and it would really help me – or, if you are willing to invest more than 4 clicks leave a comment or send me a message. Thanks

Are you a freelancer or a consultant?

Are you a freelancer or a consultant? do your clients pay on time? do you have a good system for remembering to send friendly reminders to clients that tend to pay late or some less friendly reminders to client who are late? If you do have a system to get your clients to pay on timer tell me about it (preferably via a comment on this post – but you can send me an e-mail if you want to keep it private), if you don’t go to http://InvoiceSquirrel.com Invoice Squirrel is a system that track outstanding invoices and...

yaTimer 2.8 is released–and rounding time in reports is here

I’ve just finished upload yaTimer 2.8 to the web site, this update is still a free upgrade for all existing customers and, as always, you can wait for the auto-update to do its thing or get get it right now from the upgrade page. This version adds what is probably the most requested reports feature – rounding times so you can give your clients the reports directly from yaTimer when you bill them is fixed increments (1 minute, 1 hour, 6 seconds, whatever works for your business).

5 hours of downtime

My server had 5 hours of downtime today, it was completely my fault and I’m very sorry. I don’t take this lightly, I care very much about uptime, in most months my uptime is above 99.9% and even in “bad” months I keep it above 99% – such a long downtime happened only once since I stopped using shared hosting (and that time was my fault too, I’ve learned from it and didn’t make that mistake again). This is the story of what happened, this is not an excuse but just what happened. I had a lot...