November 2009 Blog Posts

New yaTimer 2.5 Feature: Better Pie Charts

Standard unreleased version disclaimer: This post talks about unreleased version of yaTimer, my time tracker, things can change between now and the actual release (but I don’t expect them to change that much), yaTimer 2.5 will be a free upgrade for all existing customers. I’ve always considered the reports to be on of yaTimer’s strong points, there are lot’s of them, they are designed to expose data that is actually useful, there are a lot of customization options and they look good enough to give to your clients. Except for the pie charts, The pie chart looks...

New yaTimer 2.5 Feature: Today Mode

Disclaimer: in this post I’m writing about a feature of yaTimer 2.5, a version of my time logging tool that will be released soon, until it is actually released details can change. yaTimer 2.5 will be a free upgrade for all existing customers. This is a feature that I wanted to add for a long time – and it was always delayed for scheduling reasons. The “Today Mode” feature is very simple, click the button on the toolbar and see only time logged today, live and directly on the task list (click again to return to normal...

yaTimer 2.5 Almost Done

I’ve been very busy lately, so busy I didn’t have time to blog about yaTimer development progress. yaTimer 2.5 is basically done, but there are still some bugs I’d like to fix before releasing. yaTimer 2.5 will be a free upgrade fro everyone how bought a yaTimer license.