December 2010 Blog Posts

Squirrel Clock will be released on January

Ok, Squirrel Clock was supposed to be out by now - but I had a lot of last minute changes that had to be made and some last minute bugs that I still have to fix and before you know it it's the middle of December and everyone is starting to take vacations. Releasing a business application when most of the world is getting ready for vacation is bad enough, releasing on or just around Christmas is just plain stupid - so I'm delaying release until everyone are back to work and looking for attendance tracking software. the...

yaTimer 2.6.3 Released

I’ve just uploaded a new version of yaTimer to the server, this is a free upgrade for all existing customers and you can download it from the yaTimer upgrade page. This update solves two bugs – the first is a bug that made the reports preview fail and show an empty window, I've had a hard time tracking this bug down and I’d like to thank everyone who reported this, each of you gave me another clue that finally let me fix the typo that caused this. The second bug prevented you from expanding the”(none)” group when using...

yaTimer Newsletter for December 2010

I've just sent out the December edition of the yaTimer newsletter, if you are not already subscribed you can subscribe here. I'm still working on finding the right format and content for the newsletter, so if you have any ideas or comments please tell me about it. Quick Squirrel Clock Update The first report is working and the release seems closer then ever, as always, if you need employee time and attendance tracking solution, you can sign up to be notified when Squirrel Clock is ready.