September 2013 Blog Posts

How to design an API

APIs are interfaces that let code written by other developers interact with your software – and interface code has to be designed for whoever is doing the interfacing. When you (or someone else) designs a user interface that interface has to fit the user’s worldview, it has to work like the user expects it to work and it has to make things easy for the user – user interface that is designed to show how clever you are or the be as pure and theoretically correct as possible is hard for the outside user to understand, difficult to use...

Testing new method for (almost) fully automatic time tracking

I’m currently testing a new automatic way to track my time when I’m doing consulting. Currently it’s a very barebones proof-of-concept (I only partially built the “engine” and it’s automatically tracking time into a text file), I’m thinking of developing it into an actual prototype other people could use and eventually a full product. Anybody interested?

yaTimer Central Update Complete

I’ve just finished updating yaTimer Central, everything should work now just like before – except that to access the system you now go to and not to you own subdomain (if you go the the old address the system should redirect you automatically). If there’s any problems please tell me immediately via e-mail or using the contact page. Thank you

yaTimer Central Update

Sometime over the weekend I’m going to update yaTimer Central, this is going to be a major update that fixes many of the design mistakes I made when I first started to build it. There will be some downtime but I’m going to try to keep the downtime to a minimum, also, it’s possible you will try to use yaTimer Central and get an error saying your account has expired or has been canceled, if this happens than it’s because the new version manages accounts in a different location and your account just hasn’t moved to the new location...