yaTimer Central Update

Sometime over the weekend I’m going to update yaTimer Central, this is going to be a major update that fixes many of the design mistakes I made when I first started to build it.

There will be some downtime but I’m going to try to keep the downtime to a minimum, also, it’s possible you will try to use yaTimer Central and get an error saying your account has expired or has been canceled, if this happens than it’s because the new version manages accounts in a different location and your account just hasn’t moved to the new location yet.

As part of the update all the old reports you have created will be deleted, please download any report you want to save before Friday – but you don’t have to worry, all your data will move over to the new version and you will be able to regenerate those reports if needed.

This is the first part of project that will upgrade the technology behind yaTimer Central in order to make it easier to add more features, the main changes of this upgrade are:

  • yaTimer Central is no longer a separate product, it’s just part of yaTimer now.
  • The entire subdomain craziness is out, your web control panel will be accessible from www.yaTimer.com using the “Sign In” link at the top right corner.
  • All the subscription plans are no longer available, it’s now sold as part of yaTimer, it’s $9.99 per user per month (including the yaTimer software) for the small business edition with all the feature of the professional plan or $99.99 per user per month for the new enterprise features.
  • If you currently has a personal plan you will get all the features of the small business edition for no extra cost, if you currently have any subscription that is cheaper than the new pricing you keep the old price.
  • The signup process have been vastly improved, it’s now 3 fields instead of 10.
  • And, the major change that I hope nobody will notice, the account and user management will be replaced with one that will be easier for me to manage and support.

I’ll post here just before I start the upgrade and when the upgrade will be over.

posted @ Tuesday, September 3, 2013 11:58 PM

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