February 2008 Blog Posts

Templates for WPF Custom Controls

I had planned to write a series about how powerful WPF's item control is, I wanted to show how easy it is to write a calendar using just the built in controls. But then I found this article by Charles Petzold on MSDN magazine His focus is completely different then mine, but his example does so much more then what I wanted to post that I'm not going to bother.

Oops, The download page doesn't work

For a small software company that sells try-before-you-buy software the download page is the most important page of the site, the whole purpose of the web site is to get potential customers to download the software. Earlier this week I started a little split testing experiment (using Google Website Optimizer) to test some change to the AdWords landing page, while setting up this experiment I accidently broke the download page. If you tried to download yaTimer then it's fixed now. If you have anything to do with a software company remember to test the download page after every change to the web site.

Productivity Tip - Have Fewer Shorter Meetings

For most of us meetings are not our actual productive work, at best meetings are more like talking about actual work – and at worst a complete waste of time. Sometimes meetings are important, sometimes there is no substitute to getting everyone in one room and just talking things out – but most of the time this is not the case. In most situations just skipping unnecessary meetings will save you an enormous amount of time. In the next few productivity tips I'm going to talk about how to create an environment where there are fewer meetings and those meetings are shorter.

Productivity Tip – My Final Post on e-Mail, for now

This is the last post in this mini-series of e-mail productivity tips, the post in the series are: check e-mail only twice a day, at the same time each day and turn off IM and social network site. First, Time Ferriss, author of the four hours work week, who is way better than me in this productivity staff posted e-mail handling tips on his blog today, I suggest you read it. I feel a little guilty about this series of e-mail related productivity tips – because I only follow them partially myself. My personal e-mail box is checked just once a day, some...

Productivity Tip – Turn off your instant messenger (and social network)

My last two productivity tips were about e-mail, specifically I claimed that e-mail can be devastating to your productivity and that the way to find against this is to only check e-mail only several times a day at fixed times. But e-mail is nowhere near as bad instant messengers and social network sites. If you want to get any work done you should never have instant messenger applications or social web sites open. If you need to have an IM conversation, open the application and have your conversation but when the conversation is over close the application. If you want to use social network...

Productivity Tip – Check your e-mail the same time every day

This is a follow-up to my previous productivity tip – check your e-mail twice a day. I hope I already convinced you in the previous tip that answering every e-mail when it arrives is a productivity drain and it's better to handle e-mail in batches – but there are two small details I left out: You have to check your e-mail at the same times every day (approximately, when coming back from lunch is as good as 2:43PM). And you have to completely forget about e-mails between e-mail checks. Checking your e-mail at the...

yaTimer 2.1 Relesed

You can view the new screenshots, download the trial, upgrade from previous versions and buy it on the website. If you have an older version installed you can follow this link to upgrade now or wait for the new version to be available as an automatic update (in about one week).