January 2012 Blog Posts

Do you take pictures?

Do you take pictures? Of course you do, today everyone is a photographer, there’s a cameras in every cell phone and point and shoot digital cameras are cheaper and better than ever so just about everyone has a camera on him or her almost always. But the real question is do you want to take better pictures? did you ever looked at a picture you took and it looked nothing like you wanted? Do you want control how the picture looks like and not just take whatever the camera gives you? Ever wondered how professional photographers do it? ...

New time management tip–improving your estimation skills

After a very long time without any new time management tips (I didn’t have time to write about time) I’ve finally added a new tip. This tip is about improving your time estimation skills and it’s on the time management tips section of the site.

yaTimer 2.7 Released

I’ve just uploaded yaTimer version 2.7 to the web site, this is a free upgrade to all customers. This version contains some usability improvements to the reports system that I’ll write about in a future blog post. To update open the main menu by clicking the big round button on the top left of the yaTimer main window and select “About yaTimer”, then click “Check for Updates” or download and install the latest version from the yaTimer upgrade page.

Announcing Task Zebra

Did you ever had so much work to do you didn’t know where to begin? and, as result, did you ever forget to address the most important or urgent item in your task list because you were too busy working on other things? This is the problem Task Zebra is built to solve, it’s a clever prioritizing and reminders system that will help you to never forget the important stuff again. And, as a bonus, it also tracks your invoices and help you to get paid on time. Task Zebra will be launched in the second half...

Plans for 2012

In the last blog post I’ve talked about what happened in 2011, in this post I’ll talk about plans for 2012, but first a disclaimer: A year is a long time for a software company, this post outlines the current plans for the year but those plans will change as the business and technology environments change during the year So now that we got that out of the way here are the plans for the various products: yaTimer time tracking software and yaTimer Central yaTimer and yaTimer Central will continue to be developed based on customer...