Plans for 2012

In the last blog post I’ve talked about what happened in 2011, in this post I’ll talk about plans for 2012, but first a disclaimer:

A year is a long time for a software company, this post outlines the current plans for the year but those plans will change as the business and technology environments change during the year

So now that we got that out of the way here are the plans for the various products:

yaTimer time tracking software and yaTimer Central

yaTimer and yaTimer Central will continue to be developed based on customer feedback, there’s already one minor update that is almost finished and will be released mid January.

I’ve moved away from the few-big-updates model and to lot of small updates – this means there will be many new version over the year, probably a small update every month or so.

Also, sometime during the year I will stat charging for updates, this does not change the official updates policy – everyone still gets a full year of free updates with every license and people who buy yaTimer as a subscription of who have a yaTimer Central subscription will receive free updates for as long as the subscription is active – but customers who are no longer entitled to free updates will have to pay.

Giraffe Upload photo backup software

Giraffe Upload is a young product – and you can really change the direction of development by sending feature suggesting and requests.

Currently the 2012 plan includes changing the Giraffe Upload UI into something much nicer and adding support for video, raw files and backing up network drives – but the plan will change based on customer feedback.

Task Zebra– Web based to-do list with scheduling, prioritization and invoice tracking

The is a completely new product – basically it’s a smart to-do list that can filter your list and show you the things you need to do now – and it let’s you record invoices right from your to-so list and track those too, so you know how much money you should get paid and who to call to collect it.

Task Zebra will enter an invitation only beta stage sometime in January (the basic functionally it already there, if I can’t get all the features I want by the end of January I will lunch it as-is).

If you want an initiation just go to the Task Zebra web site or e-mail me (I’m sure you can find the e-mail address, or just use the contact form).

Squirrel Clock – Employee attendance and time tracking

With all the work on yaTimer, Giraffe Upload and Task Zebra I had to put Squirrel Clock on hold, so I don’t plan to update it for the first half of 2012 (unless there’s a sudden increase in the number of customers – and then I’ll be happy to upgrade it).

Unnamed – Anti-procrastination software

I’ve been planning this product for a long time but it isn’t even close to being ready (can’t get to work on the anti-procrastination software) – the truth is that with all the work on the other products I really don’t know if this product will be ready in 2012.

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