July 2008 Blog Posts

yaTimer 2.2.1

Today the next version of yaTimer went into the final testing phase, a few more days of intensive testing and the new version will be released. Version 2.2.1 is a minor service release, it contains a few bug fixes and only one new feature.

Trackbacks are Completely Broken

I turned trackbacks off on this blog today. I love the concept of trackbacks, every time someone reference a blog post the software automatically creates a link back in the post’s comments. It makes it easier to follow conversations and it’s a nice way to find more blogs on topic that interest you – it’s really a wonderful idea. So what’s the problem then? The system is based on trust, the blogging software will blindly add a trackback comment to whoever requests one – even if it’s a spammer. The moment spammers figured it out it was all over, lately the amount of trackback...

Vista style open and save dialogs with WPF (without using the Vista bridge sample)

This is the fourth (and last) part in a series about how to get the latest look and feel for your WPF application, the previous parts are: Why am I Getting Old Style File Dialogs and Message Boxes with WPF Will Setting a Manifest Solve My WPF Message Box Style Problems? The Application Manifest Needed for XP and Vista Style File Dialogs and Message Boxes with WPF In part 3 of this series we’ve set a manifest file and almost solved our problem – we finally got rid of...

StartMenuSearch for Windows XP Released (finally)

My second product StartMenuSearch for Windows XP was finally released yesterday – two weeks too late. Never underestimate how much work it takes to turn a working program into an actual product, also never underestimate how much unexpected work you’ll have to do on other unrelated projects the moment you publish a deadline for a product :-)