August 2009 Blog Posts

yaTimer 2.4.1 Released

This is a collection of bug fixes and minor improvements to 2.4, this version is a free upgrade for all yaTimer customers. The new version is already available from the upgrade page, you can simply install it over any older version and it will keep all your existing data and upgrade the data file automatically if needed. What changed? Tasks with more than 1000 hours now display correctly Changed the way “set total time” is handled in all reports, set total time is now treated as adding or subtracting time and not as overriding the total,...

Bits Du Jour Promotion is Over

The Bits Du Jour promotion is over, I'd like to thank everyone who bought a license and everyone who sent me feedback during the promotion.

Get yaTimer for half price, 24 hours only

On August 11, 2009 yaTimer will be featured on Bits Du Jour and for 24 hours only you can get yaTimer for a little less than half price. The promotion starts in a few hours – don’t miss your chance. You can get the deal only using this link.

.net DateTime Format Strings Cheat Sheet

I wrote a two page “cheat sheet” that covers all the .net DateTime format strings (one page for standard format strings and one for custom format strings). This sheet shows shows the result of the format strings in four cultures: English US, English GB, Spain and France. I hope that this will remind developers how different the date and time format even in languages that are relatively close to English. Download .net DateTime Format Strings Cheat Sheet, latest version, PDF format And remember to pass a CultureInfo object to DateTime.ToString and DateTime.Parse, read The Single Most...

Nobody Distrusts Software More Than Software Developers

In the post Nobody Hates Software More Than Software Developers Jeff Atwood tells us that every good software developer has to hate software, and that not hating software is a sign of lack of experience. I completely disagree, good software developers love software, if you’re first instinct when you see a problem isn’t a software solution, even when a software solution is obviously inappropriate you are not a good software developer. But what is true (and I think that this is what Jeff meant in his post) is that software developers distrust software, we know how much effort...