August 2008 Blog Posts

The importance of running your own spam filter (and other security software)

Security is a tradeoff, there is always a choice between security and usability, a good example for this is spam filtering, almost everyone gets an overwhelming amounts of e-mail spam – fortunately there are a wide range of anti-spam solutions to help you deal with this situation. For your personal e-mail you probably don’t care too much about an occasional lost e-mail and deleting spam manually is just too annoying – so you’ll probably prefer an aggressive filtering system, at least as long as it doesn’t block any of your friends. From a business perspective a lost e-mail message can cost you...

yaTimer 2.2.1 New Feature - Screen Saver Detection

As I mentioned before yaTimer 2.2.1 adds just one small feature – and this feature is screen saver detection. If you turn this feature on (from the options window) yaTimer will automatically stop all running timers when the screen saver starts, if you use yaTimer to track time spent on the computer you can turn this on and if you forget to stop the timer when you finish your work it will stop automatically in a few minutes when the screen saver kicks in.

yaTimer 2.2.1 released

After a lot of hard work yaTimer 2.2.1 is finally released. This is a service update, with just one tiny feature and a lot of bug fixes. As always you can upgrade you older version for free here. With this version I also updated my release process and automated some things that I did manually before, this set me back about a week or two for this release but it will speed up future releases. The plan is to add this new version to the automatic updates system sometime next week.