NBD Tech ltd was founded on 2006 by me, Nir Dobovizki, in order to do things differently, to prove that software can be both simple and useful, and to write business software that adapts to your way of work.

Our mantra here at NBD Tech is that software should work the way you do, that the computer should work for you - not the other way around

In order to realize our vision, we started developing a series of software packages, each designed around the idea that software should just work - and should be flexible enough to work the way you want it to.

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Our first product is yaTimer, time tracking software (sometimes called time logging software) that is easy to use and that doesn't require you to change your work process in order to use it.

yaTimer's design goal is to take one of the most necessary but also most annoying overhead or running a business - time tracking - and make it fast, easy and fun.

Yes, that's right, we want to make timing your work fun.

Giraffe Upload is the only truly set-and-forget photo backup solution that works with SmugMug.

Open Source Projects

We have many small programs we use to run our business, we decided to release most of them as open source so other people (and businesses) can also use them.

We have other products in various stages of development, all based on the same idea, software that's easy to use and work the way you want it to.