April 2007 Blog Posts

3 Quick Tips to Improve Your AdWords Campaign

I've tripled my traffic in less then two weeks by applying those simple techniques (while keeping my conversion rate constant), so I decided to write about it, just in case it will help someone else. I did not "develop" those techniques – I just collected them from multiple sources, your mileage may very, use at your own risk. Add lots and lots of negative keywords. Google loves negative keywords, a lot of good  negative keywords will prevent your ad from being shown to someone that is clearly not interested in what your offering – for example, if your product isn't free you should...

yaTimer Licensing Options

UPDATE: yaTimer licensing options have changed, see this post for details For most software a single license gives you the right to install the software on one computer – and if you own multiple computer you are supposed to buy multiple licenses, I own several computers and I find this to be a real pain (and sometimes very expensive). I expect a lot of yaTimer's potential customers have the same problem, so I've decided to create two different license types for yaTimer: Single computer license:  You can install yaTimer on a single computer, anyone who can use this computer...

A Great Review of yaTimer

David St Lawrence, writer of the Ripples blog wrote this review of yaTimer on his blog. It's just an amazing feeling reading nice things about my product (and me personally), I just

Why Did I Choose The Name yaTimer?

It happened like this

Slowly Improving My AdWords Campaign

I'm now working on my Google AdWords Campaign and the web site. The blog is still using the old web-site design, I really like the old design, but the it did need some improvements. I moved the product name, icon, download button and buy button into the header and dropped the nice graphic effect below the header and the box with round corners around the content - this helped with the two big problems with the old design: It freed up some space "above the fold" that was wasted by graphic elements and gave me a good place for the download and buy buttons. On...

Why Am I Selling a Timer Application?

What makes a someone wake up one morning and write a timer application? it certainly isn't a "sexy" application, it wont change the world, no big company is going to buy me out and it's not even "Web 2.0". I've been reading some blogs I read regularly and found this blog post, in this post David St.Lawrence writes about timer applications, he writes about the different timers he found and lists the features he is looking for in a timer - and I thought it looks like a nice project, so I built it. A few days later I got tired of...

Updated Web Site - and PayPal Integration

I've just uploaded a new version of the web site, I've cleared up some text and wrote some new pages about yaTimer. The biggest change to the site is the PayPal integration - yes, now you can actually pay me if you want to. I'm going to resume my adwords ads and see exactly how many people want my little taTimer

yaTimer 1.0.1 Released

yaTimer version 1.0.1 is now officially released (unofficially it was already on the web site for almost a week). Version 1.0.1 does not have any new features compared to 1.0.0 but there are many small improvements in the application, the timers respond faster to clicks on the start button, printed reports have page numbers, an auto-update feature will make future upgrades easy and many more tiny changes just make it much nicer to use. Over the next few days I'm going to prepare to accept payments using paypal, then we will see how much demand there is for a tool like yaTimer.

yaTimer 1.0.1 Progress

yaTimer 1.0.1 is ready, but I'm not releasing it just yet, I want to test it some more and update the web site a bit first.