3 Quick Tips to Improve Your AdWords Campaign

I've tripled my traffic in less then two weeks by applying those simple techniques (while keeping my conversion rate constant), so I decided to write about it, just in case it will help someone else.

I did not "develop" those techniques – I just collected them from multiple sources, your mileage may very, use at your own risk.

Add lots and lots of negative keywords.

Google loves negative keywords, a lot of good  negative keywords will prevent your ad from being shown to someone that is clearly not interested in what your offering – for example, if your product isn't free you should add the word "free" as a negative keyword.

A long list of negative keywords has two benafits:

  1. People not interested in your product will not click on your ad - and you will not pay for those clicks.
  2. And your ad will be displayed to a more targeted audience, this will increase your CTR and this will raise the number of impressions and lower your minimum bid – Giving you more clicks for the same money.

Dennis Crane describes a good way to find negative keywords over at the ISV Kaizen blog.

Use your keyword in the ad text, preferably in the title.

Let your campaign run for a few days and see which keywords get impressions, then rewrite your add text to include those keywords.

For example, the most popular keyword for yaTimer is "timer", originally I had and ad titled "Task Timing Software" – nobody clicked it, I changed it to "Task Timer Software" and people started clicking.

Put a "call to action" in the ad text.

Phrases like "subscribe now", "download free trial" or even – in my case – "give yaTimer a try" will increase the ad CTR. 

posted @ Thursday, April 26, 2007 2:45 PM

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