September 2010 Blog Posts

yaTimer Central Update: Data Export

I’ve just finished updating yaTimer Central (an on-line service adding team features for yaTimer). The big feature of this version is data export, you use all of yaTimer’s data export capabilities (available from the “Export CSV” button on the reports window) over the web – and you can export data not only for yourself but for any of your team members. Next big feature – exporting data for your entire team.

Automatically Verify Data Bindings are correct in WPF XAML Files

This post was inspired by this stack overflow question. We C# programmers are used to our compiler (and in recent years, our code editor) catching typos and stupid mistakes long before the program runs, actually, we are used to the program not being able to run until we fix all those mistakes, if I type user.UsrId when in fact the user id is stored in user.UserId (the first example is missing an e) the editor will highlight the wrong name and the compiler will refuse to compile the code. On the other hand, WPF data bindings are just text that isn’t verified...

yaTimer Central Update: Shared Client List

A new version of yaTimer Central is now live, yaTimer Central is a web based service that adds team features to my time tracker yaTimer. This update is contains the most obvious feature missing from the last update: Shared Client List – You can now share a list of clients (as well projects) with your entire team. Shared Project List Improvements – this update also includes a lot of small improvements to the project list editing page. The next big feature on the list: data export.

yaTimer Central Update: Shared projects and simpler pricing

I’ve just updated yaTimer Central, the on-line companion to yaTimer, this updates includes two new features: Shared Project List – you can now enter your projects list into yaTimer Central and it will be automatically synchronized into everyone’s yaTimer (shared client list coming soon). Simpler Pricing – the number of pricing plans was cut in half, the plans differ in both functionality and maximum number of users. You can see the new yaTimer Central pricing plans (and sign up for your account), the pricing plan chart also lists the new features...