Why Am I Selling a Timer Application?

What makes a someone wake up one morning and write a timer application? it certainly isn't a "sexy" application, it wont change the world, no big company is going to buy me out and it's not even "Web 2.0".

I've been reading some blogs I read regularly and found this blog post, in this post David St.Lawrence writes about timer applications, he writes about the different timers he found and lists the features he is looking for in a timer - and I thought it looks like a nice project, so I built it.

A few days later I got tired of working on my big project and I decided to see if I can sell some of my small utilities until the big project is ready.

Out of the four projects I have (there are 3 other small utilities I wrote for my own use) I've decided to sell this first because, well, at least one person is looking for something like this :-).

So I wrote a web page and put us some Google ads - and a lot of people clicked on them, so I finished writing yaTimer and uploaded a trial version to the site, In the first week about 8 people downloaded it (I have no idea if they are actually using it or even if they installed it or not).

I've suspended my ads, finished some things that were missing in the first version of yaTimer and added PayPal buy now button - so now I can be paid, I've restarted my Google ads and I'm waiting to see what happens now.

So if you are interested in a timer application give yaTimer a try

posted @ Sunday, April 15, 2007 5:15 PM

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