yaTimer 2.4.1 Released

This is a collection of bug fixes and minor improvements to 2.4, this version is a free upgrade for all yaTimer customers.

The new version is already available from the upgrade page, you can simply install it over any older version and it will keep all your existing data and upgrade the data file automatically if needed.

What changed?

  • Tasks with more than 1000 hours now display correctly
  • Changed the way “set total time” is handled in all reports, set total time is now treated as adding or subtracting time and not as overriding the total, this is less intuitive but the old way caused the times not to add up in certain circumstances.
  • The report’s export CSV feature now has two options: “CSV” and “Excel CSV”, when choosing “Excel CSV” the result is technically not a CSV file at all – but all versions of Excel since 2000 should import those files correctly – even with non-English text.
  • New report “Completed Tasks Bill”, this report will show total time and billing value for all the time logged for tasks that were completed in the requested date range (the “Task Bill” report only show time logged in the requested date range).
  • Added new data columns that are not in the printed reports when exporting reports to CSV, those columns should make analyzing the data easier.

posted @ Monday, August 17, 2009 8:52 AM

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