3 New WPF Open Source Libraries

I’m releasing all my WPF code as open source, this includes 3 projects: MvvmMonkey, MvvmGorilla and MvvmControl.

All three libraries are released under the MIT license so you can use them anywhere including commercial projects.


This is a flexible set of components, each solves a single issue with MVVM (the issue is usually a type of boilerplate code)

This is a low-risk library you can use in any project, you can use any part of it with practically no impact on the rest of the code.

This library is already on github at https://github.com/nirdobovizki/MvvmMonkey


This is my “do everything” MVVM framework, it saves a ton of typing and can easily do all the things that should be simple but aren’t trivial in MVVM (like closing a form).

This is not a low risk library you can use in just a part of the project, this is a framework you need to work within – but it does do a lot for you.

I’m currently cleaning up and documenting the framework in preparation for release.


This is a collection of all sort of controls I wrote, this includes all the controls I’ve already released on this blog and some others I wrote for various projects.

I’m currently collecting the controls and releasing them, over the next few days more controls will be added to this library almost daily.

This library is already on github at https://github.com/nirdobovizki/MvvmControls