Switching e-mail server and other updates

I’m switching e-mail servers (maybe I’ll write about the reasons in the future), I have everything set up so there shouldn't be any interruptions but there’s always a chance something will go wrong – so if you send me a message and I don’t respond in a day or so please send it again.

On other news the new yaTimer pricing that was supposed to go live a month ago is finally on the site, you can no longer buy a yaTimer license as a one time payment, I’m somewhat sorry about this because I like buying software as a one time payment, however, selling subscription is a much better way if you want a sustainable business.

Also, it’s no longer possible to sign up for Task Zebra, I haven't decided if I want to turn it into something different of just shut it down but I have no intention to keep it running as a task list web app.

posted @ Tuesday, August 20, 2013 11:34 PM

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