Introducing Giraffe Upload PRO

Giraffe Upload was always intended to serve two very different audiences – the home user and the professional photographer.

The home users just want their photos safe without them even noticing the software – the software should work and stay out of the way – an example of an home user oriented feature is the backup scheduling, it is not configurable and is pre-fine-tuned to upload reasonably quickly without blocking the user’s internet connection too much.

For a pro who want to push photos from the camera directly to SmugMug (via a computer with Giraffe Upload of course) “reasonably quickly” is neither reasonable nor quick, the pro need the picture uploaded now (or at least he or she needs to know exactly when it will be uploaded – the smart algorithm designed to not slow down the user’s facebook browsing is no longer desirable).

So I’m introducing a new version of Giraffe Upload called “Giraffe Upload Pro” and it will have all the features professional photographers need – from the event photographer downloading pictures from the camera after an event to people running a direct-to-SmugMug photo booth.

The optimized for backup version is now called “Giraffe Upload Home” and it continues with the old pricing of $18/year or $4/month.

The pro version has all the featured of the home version (by default it will actually run exactly the same as the home version and you can pick and choose which of the pro features you want to enable) and will be priced at $12/month

I feel the price is justified because 1. any tool for your business that doesn’t even make or save you $12/month is not even worth considering – so if it’s not worth $12 for you it’s probably not a good match for your business and 2. the pro version costs me more to operate – it requires more server resources and costs more to develop and test (because it’s so much more complicated then the home version).

So feel free to try the new version at the Giraffe Upload site all trial account use the pro version and you can choose to keep the pro version or downgrade to the home version when your trial is over.

posted @ Sunday, November 27, 2011 10:29 PM

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