yaTimer Upgrade Pricing

Every yaTimer license includes a full year of free upgrades, up until now I’ve let all existing customer upgrade for free even after that year is over, unfortunately I can’t continue with this policy and starting at the next major version upgrades will only be available to customers who paid for them or are still in the first year of free upgrades.

The cheapest way to continue to receive upgrades is to register for the “yaTimer Upgrade Subscription” when you buy yaTimer itself for just $9.99/Year (that’s right, less then ten bucks for an entire year) – this offer is only available when you buy yaTimer itself or for customers who bought a yaTimer license before September 5th 2011.

The second way to continue to receive upgrade is to subscribe to yaTimer Central – yaTimer Central is an on-line service that let you synchronize multiple copies of yaTimer over the internet, share clients and projects lists and generate reports with data from everyone in your company – all yaTimer Central subscriptions also includes free upgrades for yaTimer itself, yaTimer Central Personal (the single user version that only supports synchronization) is $4.5/month.

For everyone else, each additional year of upgrades will cost $25.

Of course, like always, upgrading is completely optional, you can keep using the latest version of yaTimer you got forever.

posted @ Sunday, September 4, 2011 10:44 AM

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