Dropbox is pure magic

Dropbox at it’s core is a very simple concept – you define a folder on your computer (usually called “My Dropbox”) and the content of this folder is automatically synchronized with the drop box server (for easy backup) and with a similar folder on you other computers (for truly amazing effortless file transfer), they also have apps for the major mobile phones that let you access your data on the go.

What makes Dropbox so amazing is how effortless everything is, you drag a PDF document into you dropbox folder and you can immediately read it on your iPhone, take a picture using the dropbox app on your iPhone and it’s already waiting for you on your PC, drag a file into your work PC’s dropbox folder and it’s already waiting for you on your home PC.

The Dropbox app is actually my favorite iPhone app ever, it makes me mad Apple apps are so hard to use and make me jump trough unnecessary hoops in comparison.

Dropbox has a free 2GB plan and paid 50GB and 100GB plans – and if you use this link and register (even only for the free plan) we both get an extra 250MB.

Full discloser: I use Dropbox free plan for backup and file transfer, nobody asked me to post this and I didn’t get anything in exchange for this post (except that if you use the link in the post to register we both get an extra 250MB of storage space).

posted @ Thursday, October 21, 2010 12:43 PM

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