Preparing to Re-launch Squirrel Clock

Earlier this year I’m launched Squirrel Clock, it has undergone a short invitation-only beta and stayed closed for new customers ever since because of the poor results of that beta.

I’m now working hard on improving Squirrel Clock, my on-line time-clock/ punch clock application in order to re-launch it.

I going over all the pages in the application and checking every field, table, link and button – this is resulting in a lot of tiny UI improvements that make the app much more pleasant to use.

I’m also going to shorten the sign-up sequence from 3 pages (where one required quite a bit of data entry) to just one not-so-long form, this will let new users get to the actual app faster and hopefully make a better impression.

There is also a whole new reporting system I’m integrating with it, this means the new Squirrel Clock will produce some very good looking reports.

And last but not least, there will be none of this closed beta nonsense, the new Squirrel Clock will be available to everyone from day one.

If you want progress updates and to know when the new version is released you can subscribe to this blog (even via e-mail, see the link on the blog’s right sidebar) of follow @nirdobovizki (that’s me) on Twitter.

posted @ Tuesday, August 24, 2010 3:33 PM

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