Looking for Stories

You probably have a story about a specific product or methodology you tried and how it succeeded or failed for you – or about a friend that is absolutely genius managing his or her time (or a complete failure at time management).

Or a story about how a some time management related product saved the day or caused a complete catastrophe.

I’m looking for stories about time management, time tracking or anything related to time management.

If you have such a story please do send it to me, you can post it in a comment on this post, you can use the contact form, you can e-mail me, you can post it on your own blog and send me a link, you can even post it on twitter if its really short :-)

The product can be yaTimer or something else, you can change the names to protect the guilty and even send me anonymous stories (by entering fake name and e-mail in the contact form, just use something obviously fake like asdf@example.com so I don’t try to reply).

Also, please tell me if I have your permission to republish the story.


posted @ Tuesday, June 8, 2010 5:14 PM

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