New yaTimer 2.5 Feature: Improved Notification Tray Icon

Disclaimer: This post talks about unreleased software, there will be some small changes before the yaTimer 2.5 is released, yaTimer 2.5 will be a free upgrade to all existing customers.

yaTimer had the option to run in the system tray almost from the beginning, the icon change color if you have active timers and a balloon popup can show you the list of running tasks.

In this version the tooltip and balloon popup tests are a bit nicer, there are two new option in the right click menu (Pause all and Restart Paused Tasks) and everything you can do from the tray icon you can also do using global hotkeys.

So you can pause and resume all your tasks without even switching to yaTimer.

All those features are disabled by default and can be enabled from the options window.

By the way, the tooltip still doesn’t show the running task list because of technical limitations of windows – I may write about that in a future blog post.

posted @ Thursday, December 3, 2009 12:06 PM

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