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Every once in a while I use the term “search engines” on this blog, from this term you can assume all search engines are important, this is not true – this graph shows all visitors who arrived to this site from search engines divided by the search engine:

search traffic chart

As you can see one search engine dominates the chart to the point that all other search engines are meaningless with an unbelievable 98% of the traffic.

This scares me, just one commercial company with no obligation (legal or otherwise) to me or to anyone else except its shareholders controls the amount of visitors to this site (and to most other sites as well) – this is the reason the name of the search engine is nowhere in this post’s text, this is also why I’ll keep using the term “search engines”, in plural form and pretend there’s more than one.

posted @ Sunday, April 19, 2009 12:02 AM

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