Productivity Tip – Set Goals

Setting goals, real measurable goal with a deadline is a huge motivator, when you can objectively tell if you succeeded or failed and you have a deadline to achieve that goal you have no choice but to work toward that goal.

When you have subjective goals or you don’t set a deadline the motivation isn’t there because you can’t fail.

  • Set a goal, make sure you can objectively decide if you succeeded or failed – “release second product by 1/1/2010” is a good goal, “work more on second product during 2009” is all but useless.
  • Write it down, this is important, if it’s not written down you didn’t do it – better to write it down where you can see it often, even better where other people can also see it.

This really works, I’ll write more about why in a different post.

posted @ Thursday, February 5, 2009 11:36 PM

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