Productivity Tip: Don’t Panic

The world’s economy is in a crisis, things are bad and they are going to get worse, civilization is coming to an end and we are all doomed.

Are you scared yet?

Your shouldn’t be, the world is not ending, a small but very greedy group of people managed to collapse the world’s financial markets and make some real damage to the economy, the resulting wide spread panic caused even more damage and is continuing to ruin the economy even as you read this.

The result is that lot of people lost an awful lot of money.

That’s it, a lot of people lost money, civilization is not collapsing around us (maybe except in very localized incidents) and society continues to function.

This economic crisis is a also a great opportunity, all you have to do is ignore everyone running around in panic like a headless chicken, get your act together and continue to work.

If you lost your job don’t worry, set your goals (getting a new job, changing your profession or starting your own business) and start working toward those goals.

While the world is in a state of panic you can get a huge competitive advantage by just doing your job while your competitors are panicked out of their mind.

Don’t ignore the economic situation, now is a time to keep on track, improve your productivity and make reasonable and level headed plans to succeed in this time of crisis.

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posted @ Monday, November 10, 2008 3:11 PM

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