yaTimer 2.2 Changelog

Here is the list of all user-visible changes between yaTimer version 2.1 and 2.2:

NEW - Add create from template to toolbar
NEW - Grouping in task list
NEW - Un-pause tasks
FIXED - Comment text truncated on reports
NEW - Weekly project timesheet report
NEW - Weekly client timesheet report
NEW - A new version of all task reports with full comments
NEW - Reset all tasks
FIXED - Time event text unreadable when using XP classic theme
FIXED - Time event show up in wrong order when resetting a running task
NEW - Automatically start yaTimer on login option
FIXED - Bug when manually entering time in the past
FIXED - Make sure the window never starts off-screen
FIXED - Change toolbar style
FIXED - Change on-top button style
NEW - Mark task as non-billable
NEW - Mark task template as non-billable
NEW - filter report by billable status
NEW - Add fixed and per-hour rate to task
NEW - Add fixed and per-hour rate to task template
NEW - Add task creation date to task
NEW - Billing breakdown report
NEW - Add fixed and per-hour rate to task
NEW - Add estimated time to task
FIXED - Use Vista New Common Dialogs
NEW - Bill report
NEW - Add more info to task tooltip
NEW - Grouping in reports
NEW - estimated/actual time report
FIXED - Change task text color to white when task color is dark
FIXED - Change startup message
NEW - help button
FIXED - Tasks will sometimes not show up in weekly report
FIXED - Bug when switching between timer and countdown when task is running
FIXED - When deleting the complete event of a completed task it may become inaccessible
FIXED - Change CSV files from UTF-8 to current code page (Excel can’t read UTF-8 CSV)
FIXED - Bug in options dialog when running from a portable drive

posted @ Wednesday, June 18, 2008 9:10 AM

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