Productivity Tip – Check your e-mail twice a day

Check your e-mail only twice a day, if you're interested in productivity you've probably already seen this advice before, but if you don't already do this you should really try it.

Every time you switch between your work and your e-mail you spend a little bit of time re-orienting yourself and then a bit more until you get up to speed with the new task, this is not a lot of wasted time – mostly you don't even notice it, just a few seconds wasted here and there, but a few seconds here and there quickly add up.

You don't really have to check your mail only two times a day, three or four times are also fine, the problem with having your mail open all the time is that you are subjected to a constant stream of small interruptions, you can't really concentrate on your work and you also can't concentrate on the e-mail you're writing, everything suffers.

By checking your mail only on scheduled times you remove this stream of interruptions – you take back control of your time from people sending you mail and when you do answer you mail you give it your full attention.

posted @ Monday, January 28, 2008 2:11 PM

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