Raising Prices

yaTimer started as a very simple timer and is priced accordingly at just about the minimum price I can still make a profit.

Since then I released several versions of yaTimer and it has become a very capable time tracking solution, I did a short competitor search on-line and I think yaTimer is one of the cheapest alternatives available.

On the other hand the US dollar has dropped and left me with less money per sale then I planned for.

So, I decided to raise my price, on February 1st version 2.1 of yaTimer will be released at the new price of 49$ instead of the current 29$

If you take a look at the web site you'll see that yaTimer comes with a year of free upgrades, that means the new expensive version will be a free upgrade to anyone who buys the current cheaper version.

If anyone reading this is thinking about getting some time tracking software you are welcome to take advantage of this and buy now :-)

posted @ Tuesday, January 15, 2008 11:04 AM

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