Productivity Tip 3 – Time Everything

The biggest mistake you can do with time logging is to log only your billable time.

Logging billable time is a must, and is the number one reason to track your time in the first place, but once you start time tracking if you only track your billable time you are giving up on some of the big advantages of time tracking.

How much time do you spend reading blogs? Maybe you need to read fewer blogs or to use tools that aggregate data from multiple blogs.

How much time do you spend dealing with spam? Maybe you need a new spam filter.

How much time do you spend replying to e-mails? Maybe you need to set up some automatic replies.

How much time you spend in useless meetings or on the phone with co-workers?

And finally, how much time do you spend managing your time, filling up timesheets and trying to remember what you did last Monday? Maybe you should start using yaTimer.

posted @ Monday, November 19, 2007 9:37 AM

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