yaTimer Roadmap (what's after 1.2)

I've already started working on the next version of yaTimer, and for the first time I'm going to reveal my plan for the future of yaTimer but everything written here is just my plan, plans can change, I'm not promising anything.

As a lesson from version 1.2 I've split my plan into smaller versions, this will allow me to release more frequent updates and get the improvements to my customers faster.

I'm not publishing the target release dates for future versions but all the versions listed here are supposed to be released in less than a year, this combined with my 1 year free upgrades policy means that if you buy a yaTimer license now you will receive all those versions as soon as they are released.

yaTimer 1.2 – Released July 17, 2007

yaTimer 1.2 was supposed to be a quick update with a collection of small improvements that were requested by customers, at the end it became a lot of work to implement all those improvements and I had to cut some of them.

All the features that were cut from 1.2 are still on my to-do list, but they are delayed until after version 2.0.

yaTimer 1.3

yaTimer 1.3 will be a bug-fix release for 1.2, it will be released only if someone finds a critical bug in version 1.2, it shouldn't include any new features and I hope it wouldn't be released at all.

yaTimer 2.0

A version that is worthy of a major version number increase, this version will include expense tracking and the ability to classify tasks by client or project.

Together with the new report engine (that is already working but wasn't ready in time to be included with version 1.2) and some new reports this version will make yaTimer much more useful.

yaTimer 2.1

This version will have all the small improvements that got cut from 1.2. yaTimer 2.0 is too important and I want to release it as soon as possible, so I've decided to delay everything until after version 2.0 is released.

posted @ Sunday, August 5, 2007 3:38 PM

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