yaTimer Trial Period

yaTimer - my time tracking software, currently has a 45 days free trial.

My original reason was that if someone uses it for this long they would be unlikely to stop, I still think this is true, but a 45 days "sales cycle" is way too long for me (at lease for now).

I'm going to do a little experiment and drastically change the trial period, with version 1.2 (that will be released soon) I'm going to shorten the trial to 14 days.

I hope this will make people evaluate yaTimer a little more seriously (because they have a more immediate deadline) and it will give me a much quicker feedback if whatever I do is selling or not.

I also plan to add some new features that will only be available in the full version and not the trial (don't worry, all the features that are in the trial now will still be enabled in the next version).

Whenever I change the rules like this I take extra care to be fair and show that I respect my customers, if you download the current version (where the web site promises you 45 days trial)  you will get your 45 days, that is, if someone installs the 1.1.0 trial version and then upgrades to 1.2 he or she will still get the full 45 days (from the 1.1.0 installation date).

posted @ Tuesday, July 17, 2007 4:29 PM

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