New yaTimer 1.2 Feature: Quick-Task

Disclaimer: this post talks about a new unreleased version of yaTimer – my task timer software, the software can, and will, change before the actual release – so there is no guarantee the new features I write about here will be in the release version. Details about the latest released version can always be found here. yaTimer 1.2 will be a free update to all current customers.

Quick-Task Icon

Quick-Task is a very simple but powerful feature.

Before yaTimer 1.2 to time a task you had to fill in the task details and only then you could start timing, this is perfectly fine in most cases but there are circumstances you want to start timing the task before you know the task details. For example, the phone rings, you change the customer for the call so you want to time it but the customer haven't told you what he is calling about yet.

Just click the Quick-Task when the phone rings and an empty task editing window pops-up with the task already running, you can type the task information into the window with the timer is running and if it's something quick you can even mark the task as finished right them without it even appearing on the task list.

posted @ Tuesday, July 17, 2007 4:46 PM

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