Update for yaTimer licensing options

I actually changed the licensing options a long time ago, but I've just found out the latest blog post about it wasn't updated.

I simplified the licensing options, there is just one option now, for every yaTimer license you buy you can install yaTimer on up to 3 computers, I did this because I have multiple computers myself (that only me and my wife use) and having to buy multiple copies of software is extremely annoying to me.

The next version of yaTimer is planned to have support for running off an external drive (such as a USB stick), for each license you buy install yaTimer on one external drive (in addition to the 3 computers).

Quick disclaimer: running of an external drive is planned for yaTimer version 1.2, this version hasn't been released yet and if I find some major problem with this feature it may be postponed to a later version or canceled.

posted @ Tuesday, July 10, 2007 2:27 PM

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