yaTimer Beta Will Be Released Tonight

Yes, YaTimer is almost ready, the application itself is working very well and all the must-have features are done.

What's missing is the help text (that will not be ready for this release) and the setup program, luckily I have a good working setup program from another project I can adapt with minimal work.

The Auto-Update feature will be faked with a static web page – When you click the check for updates button it will open a web page on this site, the page will have the text "There are no updates available at this time" or something like that, when I release the next version I'll replace the page with a page with upgrade instructions (and hopefully I'll finish the real Auto-Update by then).

I've also rearranged my AdWords campaign, my original had 4 ads and a lot of keywords, whenever one of my ads should be shown google would randomly choose on of my ads, this time I've split all the keywords into 4 groups and each group has its own ad – with text that should be relevant to people searching for this keyword.

And tonight the beta version of yaTimer will be available for download by anyone.

posted @ Sunday, March 18, 2007 5:30 PM

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