yaTimer Progress Report

I have 4 different programs I'm going to start selling on the NBD-Tech web site, they are all currently in an almost ready state.

The first one is yaTimer, I've written a page with the application's main features and a few screen shots late one night and put up some google ads.

The reason I've added yaTimer to the web site before its full product-quality is to see if there is a target audience to such a program, and the clicks from my unoptimized google adwords campaign show me that there is an audience.

On Monday morning the "public beta" version is going to be available for download. This version will be feature-complete and pretty stable, I'm then going to choose one of the shareware e-commerce providers and build the shop part of the site.

I'm hoping to get the non-beta version on yaTimer, the shop section of the web site and a better ad campaign all ready within two weeks.

Until then I've spent last night fixing the database access code of yaTimer in order to get it rock solid for the public beta, now I just have to improve the reports, write the help text, polish the GUI some more and prepare the setup program – no problem.

I can't wait to tell you about the other 3 programs, but I'll keep my policy of never over-promising and I'm not going to write about them until I finish yaTimer and have some time to work on the next product.

posted @ Thursday, March 15, 2007 12:48 PM

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