OzCode – the best debugging tool for .net (really)

Disclaimer:I do some work as a subcontractor of the company behind OzCode and I’ll probably become an investor in OzCode, in other words, I'm so impressed with this tool that I'm going to put a significant (for me) chunk of my own hard earned cash behind it.

OzCode is an extension for Visual Studio that adds all sort of debugging aids:

It includes simple stuff like a better exception widow that makes it trivially easy to drill down to the exception base cause.

Unbelievably useful stuff like search in in-memory data structures and the ability to easily see the contents of collections of objects that don’t has a reasonable ToString.

And totally magical features like “simplify” that can break apart complex expressions to show you exactly why that monster expression isn’t returning what you expect it to.

If you develop software for .net do yourself a favor and go download OzCode, debugging will never be the same again.

posted @ Wednesday, January 22, 2014 11:39 PM

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