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Run from - and Synchronize with - Portable Drives

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USB thumb drive

Take yaTimer with you - you can copy yaTimer and all your information to a USB thumb drive (or any other portable device – from memory cards to portable hard drives), use it to keep tracking time on someone else’s computer, to move your information between computers or as a backup – and when you return to your computer synchronize it back.

All of the application's features work when running from a portable drive except for auto-update, the portable copy will be updated when you synchronize it.

Copy to a Portable Drive

To run from a portable drive:

After copying yaTimer to a portable drive both copies has the same data, but this data is not shared between copies – when you run yaTimer from the start menu you get the data stored on your hard drive and when you run yaTimer from the portable drive you get the data from the portable drive.

Main menu

Synchronize with a Portable Drive

Synchronizing you portable copy with your computer - or with someone else's copy of yaTimer - is easy, just select the name of your portable copy from the Recently Synchronized section of the main menu (below the task template list) or, if you haven’t synchronized with this copy before select yaTimer on Portable Drive from the Synchronize section.

If you don't see the Synchronize section of the menu, click the Options button on the bottom of the menu and check the Enable Synchronization with Portable Copy box.