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YaTimer is fantastic! In fact, it wasn't until my real physical timer just broke that I looked for a software version. I just downloaded the trial version and I already know I will be buying it!
I love your software... you've done an excellent job
Louise Turner
I've been looking for something like the YaTimer for a long time, so I'm glad Google pulled you out on top last week when I was searching.
If you are a freelance consultant, writer, or designer, this versatile software timer may be what you have been looking for. It makes keeping track of multitasking activities almost painless.
David St.Lawrence
I love the timer, it really is SO much better than the old paper forms I used to use. On those, for quick things I would not bother to pull the client file to record a short task, and then often forgot about it. Now, it is always just a click away to keep track of ALL my billable hours.
Thanks very much and for a very very good app.
Dave Fisher
I just love the program, it is easy for me to use. Keep me informed about your next versions!
I love your timer product already, and I've only had it running for just over an hour!
Amos Van Horn
I really like this product - the ease of use is great. I am working virtually for three clients and this is great. I tried just about every product out there on the web - even 'free' ones, but I kept coming back to your timer.
Gayle Soeder
After using yaTimer on two projects now, I have to say, this software is a must have for anyone needing to track billable hours. I am a single mom working from home, constantly being interrupted. Tracking my time by hand has been a nightmare task. YaTimer makes it easy. I especially like the way it lets me set up each task by customer, project and rate. This comes in handy because I have different rates for the various things I do for my clients. This little piece of software packs a lot of punch at any price. Good Job!
Theresa Pierson
Prior to finding and using your tool, I kept track of time on sticky notes, the backs of documents and pieces of paper that I'd stuff into my pocket for "later". When it came time to turn these notes into a timesheet, we'll, it was just awful. Thanks for providing a better way.
Evans, James R.

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