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yaTimer Quick Start Guide

Welcome to yaTimer, the time tracking tool that is so easy to use it makes time tracking almost enjoyable.

In this guide you will see how easy it is to get up and running with yaTimer, this entire tutorial is just 10 mouse clicks

Create a New Task

Before we start actually logging time we need a task to assign this time to, this can be done in just 3 easy and quick steps

[yaTimer Main Window] [Create New Task Button] Click the "Create New Task" Button (the first button on the tool bar) or press Alt-E on your keyboard.
[Edit Task Window] [Task Name Field] Type a name for the new task, this step is optional but recommended because it's difficult to manage a lot of unnamed tasks.
[Edit Task Window] [Create Button] Click the "Create" button (the left-most bottom on the bottom) or just press Enter on your keyboard.

That’s it, you have just created your first task, now let's log some time.

Log Time

Starting to log time literally just one mouse click - and stopping is also just one click.

[yaTimer Main Window] [Start Button] Click the little play button on the task to start logging time, the first button will also pause all other running tasks (if any), the second button (a play icon with a plus) let you log time to multiple tasks at the same time.
[yaTimer Main Window] [Pause Button] When the timer is running clicking the pause button will stop the timer.

That's all there is to logging time, but what if we have to edit the logged time? for example if we forgot to stop the timer?

Editing Information

Let's change the task we already logged to five minutes.

[yaTimer Main Window] [Edit Task Button] Start by clicking the "Edit This Task" button on the task.
[Edit Task Window] [Timing Details Table] Now click on the value you want to change on the timing information table on the bottom
[Edit Task Window] [Timing Details Table] Just type the new value.
[Edit Task Window] [Create Button] And, obviously click "Ok" or press enter to save your changes.

That's all there is to editing, but yaTimer's real strength is in analyzing the timing information by using the reports.

Printing Reports

yaTimer includes a wide variety of reports - including all kind of timesheets and reports that show you how your time is divided according to various categories.

For this tutorial we will generate a simple timesheet

[yaTimer Main Window] [Reports Button] To get to the reports window click the printer icon on the toolbar or press Alt-P.
[Reports Window] [Select Report] Select the report you want to view, in this example the timesheet report.
[Reports Window] [Preview Button] Click the preview button.
[Preview Window] [Report Preview] You can now see the time we logged and edited earlier, when you buy a yaTimer license you will also be able to customize the reports - for example change the title and logo.

That’s it, now it's time to explore yaTimer by yourself, here are some places to get you started:

Open the main menu [Main Menu Button] Play with the zoom feature [Zoom Slider] Read the on-line help [Help Button]

And always remember, we love talking to customers, if you have a question, suggestion, comment or just want to say hi - just send us a message.