Squirrel Clock

Just Perfect Time And Attendance Tracking

In a perfect world tracking employee attendance would be completely effortless, a small animals (for example a squirrel) would sit by the door and record who’s coming and going, leaving beautiful and perfectly formatted timecards, timesheets and other reports on your desk for review.

Squirrel Clock tries to get as close as possible to this ideal world – only without the mess animals usually leave behind.

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What Can Squirrel Clock Do For You

  • On-line time clock, works on any computer connected to the internet, nothing to install.
  • Employees can check in and out from their own computer or a central location (your choice).
  • Easy to use time clock, In/out status board, employees can modify their time cards (with full auditing).
  • Print timecards, timesheets and other reports.

Squirrel Clock News

2 Jan, 2012 Plans for 2012 14 Dec, 2011 2011–the year that nothing went according to the plans 19 Apr, 2011 Products update for April 2011 23 Dec, 2010 Squirrel Clock will be released on January