Squirrel Clock Product Tour


This product tour shows some of the highlights of Squirrel Clock, Sign up for the free trial and experience the easiest way to track your employees time and attendence.

Squirrel Clock

Squirrel Clock is the easiest way to track employee attendance.

It is designed specifically so the employee can log in, record the attendance information as quickly as possible and then get on with his or hers actual job.

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One Click Check In/Out

Once you log in it takes just one click to check in or check out – so you can start working or go home faster.

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Recorded Time Is Editable - With Full Auditing

Any employee can also manually edit the attendance information – and all changes are fully auditable and can be forwarded to a manager for approval.

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Special Mode for Placing in a Public Location

You can also place a computer with Squirrel Clock always open in a public location - and any employee can check in or out with just two clicks.

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Reports and Data Export

Squirrel Clock can print reports and timesheets.

You can also export data from Squirrel Clock into Excel or other software for more processing.

Supports All Major Browsers

Squirrel Clock runs on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome

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