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Time Management Tips for Teachers

Being a teacher is an extremely rewarding career, but also a demanding, exhausting profession. Finding time to complete lesson plans, grade papers, deal with administrative duties and still have a few moments for your family and friends can seem like a never-ending battle.

We would like to share some simple strategies to make time management a “no-brainer”.


The key to better time management is to use a mobile organizer device or a day planner to set out your schedule. Include holidays, work hours, in-services, family events, appointments and special occasions. Make sure you allot ample time for extra-curricular work such as lesson planning and paper grading. Accurately estimating the time required for certain tasks is often difficult and some find it helpful to time the actual activities using a timer device or software timer to make future estimations easier. Accurately estimating the time you need to complete your tasks will keep your stress levels down and make your work more effective.


One of the biggest assets to your time management is the nature of school as a scheduled activity. This allows you to plan in advance. Planning your lessons well in advance will eliminate the last-minute rush. Commit two hours of your time on Sunday evening to look at the week ahead. Take this time to collect all the materials you will need for the upcoming week and place them in a special location. You can delegate filing boxes like these for each day of the week to keep materials and lesson plans separate and easy to find on the required day.

Your employer will also appreciate your efforts to plan ahead, especially if you are able to give advance notice about scheduling personal time off.


Make the most of the time you invest in lesson planning and material preparation by planning projects together with other teachers. You can plan to use the same digital presentations, or art materials for several different classes. Sharing lesson plans and resources can easily be done on the internet using online storage spaces like these.


To avoid burn-out, make sure you schedule time for family, friends and your own interests. Making time for yourself is imperative to remaining psychologically and physically fit to deal with the heavy demands of teaching.

Planning your work in advance and completing it within the realistic schedule you have set for yourself will enable you to take advantage of school vacation time, returning refreshed and energized after a well-deserved break.

By following these simple guidelines for time management, you can turn your job as a school teacher into an organized, rewarding, long-lasting career.


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