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Time Management Tips for Sales People

Any successful salesperson knows that time is money, but there never seems to be enough hours in a day or days in a week. Sales people can quite easily be burned out by hectic schedules with little to no free time, so it is necessary for individuals to learn how to increase productivity. Whether a salesperson's goal is to achieve more sales in the same amount of working hours or achieve the same level of sales in fewer hours, using the following time management tips can help make the effort a success.

It is incredibly easy to get caught up in the non-revenue generating activities that are an important part of any sales job, but the simple fact of the matter is that these tasks can overwhelm an individual. Nobody enjoys spending countless hours doing paperwork and doing so often makes a person feel as if they are working very hard. The sad truth, however, is that checking email and handling other small jobs is time consuming and almost never results in any sales. Checking voice mail is certainly very important, but doing it during prime business hours is a common mistake that many sales people make. A schedule should be developed that places busy work in very specific times of the day, such as before nine o'clock in the morning. Many individuals find it acceptable to place a message on their answering machine that advises clients that all calls will be returned either in the late afternoon or early the next morning.

After a salesperson has determined that the prime parts of their day should be spend meeting with clients, it is important to develop a plan that deals with scheduling. Individuals that can only prospect for or drive new sales during a 5 hour window every day should be careful not to set an appointment in the middle. Lunch meetings, for example, often take quite a bit of time and could potentially render the rest of the day unproductive. Sales people must devise a schedule that is designed to work around all potential obstacles and maximize efficiency.

While it is important for sales people to have a handle on the needs of their clients, some service issues could be delegated to other individuals with the ability to serve customers. Paperwork can often be completed by administrative staff. Any way that can free up additional sales time for a salesperson should be taken advantage of.

Few individuals really have a solid understanding of how their day is spent and what tasks required certain amounts of time. Because it is so easy to get side tracked while working, most sales people find it necessary to track their time in an attempt to increase productivity. Sales can be an excellent career, but individuals without adequate time management and multi-tasking skills will find it difficult to stay motivated and enjoy their time away from the job. Honing these techniques can help a salesperson enjoy the benefits of their hard work and reflect on the improved results.


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